We believe a thriving, prosperous community is good for everyone.

Tastel supports our Local Community in so many ways the most significant of which are our ongoing partnerships with Local Community Enterprise Groups.

Through these partnerships, Tastel shares a portion of the spend from each of our customers services with the Community Enterprise of their choice. This allows our Community Enterprise Groups to fund community projects, support their local community groups and create community spaces for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to supporting our Local Community Enterprises, Tastel provides a small number of direct sponsorships each year for worthwhile community projects.

Due to the high volume of sponsorship request’s we receive we have developed a formal application process. We will be accepting applications over a 3-month period commencing August 1st and closing October 30th each year.

Any application outside the application period will not be considered. All successful applications submitted in this round will be eligible for sponsorship funding during the following calendar year.

Please review ALL the information outlined below before you submit your application.

How to apply

All applications must be submitted online. To apply please fill in the form below with your organisation and contact details, upload a cover letter together with a written proposal (in pdf format) addressing the Key Selection Criteria as outlined below. It is recommended that you keep your proposal to a maximum length of 5 pages. Your application should be thorough, yet brief and direct.

Key Selection Criteria

1. Include your Organisations Vision and Mission statements.

2. How does your organisation benefit the local community and beyond?

3. Time frame for Sponsorship i.e. 12 months, 6 months, once off (event).

4. Total Sponsorship investment request.

5. How will Tastel sponsorship be acknowledged (Branding awareness, Events, Presentations, Opportunities, ROI).

6. Has Tastel provided sponsorship or donations for your organisation in past years? If yes, when and for what purpose?

7. How will our investment be directly spent? (For a particular event, building upgrades, sporting equipment, scholarship funds, etc.)

Assessment and review

Each application will be thoroughly assessed and Tastel will grant approval based on;

  • Alignment with Bendigo Telco Group’s objective in “Connecting Our Community”
  • Promotional / Partnership opportunities / ROI
  • Proposal sits within the Sponsorship budget

All formal applications will be reviewed by the Sponsorship Committee and will be considered on the merits of each individual application.

Successful Applications

Due to the overwhelming number of applications each year, only successful applicants will be notified in writing by email to the address provided. This will occur no later than November 30th each year.